We are a socially conscious company.


Urban 108 


Our goal and mission is to help you achieve a rich mindful living in the city. We design events and experiences that will awaken your curiosity and guide you towards a conscious everyday lifestyle



Urban & the Bohemian Collective Festival

A socially conscious event created by The People by the Beach LLC and MP Consulting Inc. We bring thoughtful and magical experiences with a bohemian twist to the wellness and yogi community.

We curate all our events from conception to execution, bringing together our strong background in design, film industry production, marketing, and operations + logistics.

Q&A with the Founders


Karola Hawk

Why Urban 108?

bohemian collective

"To me, Urban was created to satisfy the need to feel and experience a boho moment with like-minded souls.   Coming from Venice Beach to Miami was hard to adapt because of that surf/skate lifestyle I had in LA. It was important to create an opportunity, somewhat of a global trend that resonated with the free spirited, the young hearted, and the wellness junkies. I wanted to create a space that was chill and positive with good energy people in the city".

Is Urban Yoga Fest a manifestation? 

"Yes. During my twenties I spent every penny traveling the world off the beaten path. The scents, sounds, tastes, colors, and the people of the places I visited are little grains that made me who I am today. My gypsy soul yearned for an Urban and the Bohemian Collective space in the city".   

Why is Urban 108 important to you?

Collaboration is key to create mindful movements.  Being able to share the love, knowledge and happiness in different cities around the world makes me feel happy and hopeful.  One world. One love. 

Always take the scenic route and surround your life with beauty, family, good friends, and love. Life is but a dream and only one to live
— karola hawk


Mireya del Pilar

As a yoga teacher,  what does the Urban 108 mean to you?

urban yoga

“Doing yoga always felt like home, is where I go to connect with myself and my tribe.  That’s why I took a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, to deepen my practice and understand not only the physical part,  but the spiritual side of it. While doing the teacher training,  I found my tribe, and the idea behind Urban 108 was to create a community of like-minded people, conscious leaders, yoga junkies and bohemian souls connected by this innate desire to bettered the world.  I want people to experience what it feels to be part of this amazing way of life and community.

How has Urban 108 contributed to your Coaching Business Profession?


The logistics and operational side of creating an event is complex and put anyone’s leadership skills to the test.  Urban 108 help me become a well-rounded entrepreneur, building and strengthening my network and collaborative relationships with partners and clients and continuously challenging and improving both my strategic and creative sides.  

Why is Urban 108 important to you?

We wanted to share the Urban 108 experience with everybody and the fastest way to expand our vision was to partner and collaborate with like-minded events and organizations.