Urban’s monthly Energy Report done by Earth Angel Liz.

Om under the stars!

November ‘18 Energy Report Reading

astrology november 2018

As we enter this month of November we come into this energy of love and acceptance. Be more patient with yourself and really see your unique beauty, embrace your own light. Choose loving thoughts for yourself and others. Not letting others define or change your own essence and being. Stand in your own radiance and beauty!! 
Our Ancestors and Angels stand strong behind you, helping you fight your battles and seeing the light in all situations, however, they are asking you to take inventory of those who you surround yourself with. Do they help you grow as a person? Do they drain your energy? Do they inspire you? The questions are endless to how people can make us feel... our A&A want us to have supportive, empowering and loving people in our lives that make us strive to be better each day. 

With that being said, spirit is asking us to cleanse our bodies, minds and soul! Time to do house cleaning in all areas of your life, move stagnant energy, go on a detox diet, move some furniture around your home, disconnect from people, places and things! Your soul as craving this inner-outer attention to feel whole and into alignment once again. 
So the overall message for this month is trust your intuition! We are constantly being guided by our Creator, Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides it’s our job to decipher the symbols we receive! 
Many Blessings Soul Fam! 

Your Sister,
Earth Angel Liz 😇❤️

October Energy Report Reading

by Earth Angel Liz

october report

It’s really time to put on your warrior clothes on and strategize, who, what and where you want to be! This Warrior is coming to us this month to remind us, that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, it's now the time to really push through the struggle and start taking baby steps towards your goals, dreams and desires. 

To validate that what we are working towards and our efforts for the challenges up ahead we have the number 9... I love this number, not only because it's my life’s path number but because it's all about ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS! 

How exciting to close some chapters after some struggles or vice versa... put on our gear and start a brand new journey ready for the road ahead of us. 

The Mermaid Conchmancy is a reminder that we are able to connect to our inner wisdom, but, she’s also saying it’s time to get out of our comfort zone, travel and explore different areas of our lives. We always have the inner knowing of what needs to be done. 

Trust yourself this month, with the opportunities and changes that present themselves. Overall, looks like we are in for lots of abundance and happiness, as we are showered in blessings.  Until next month - Blessings Family!

Gratitude & Love, 

Elizebeth Lopez