Wellness Summit

Manifesting a High-Vibrational Lifestyle


What is the Wellness Summit?

Is a wellness summit created for modern women whose goals are to stay looking and feeling young while living a clean and high-vibration spiritual lifestyle supported by science, technology as well as intuition. 


A cutting edge panel that will tap into conversations, of the mind, body and soul, to create a shift in our thinking towards an ecocentric and conscious health, fun, and happy lifestyle.  


Mind, Body and Soul Talks and Workshops, given by field experts, on how to stay and feel young using technology, science and intuition. 


A reset and recharge area to sample and experience innovative tools and techniques about well-being, self care and on how to become the optimal version of yourself inside and out.


Enjoy thoughtfully curated well-being panels and heart talks by provocative thinkers and professionals who have an ecocentric vision about health and beauty.

Learn new wellness treatments and ways to regenerate your body’s cells for good health and longevity of the mind, body and soul.

Experience self-care with the newest in clean beauty rituals.


Replenish your soul with meditation, pilates and yoga tools and techniques to be more calmed and present. 

Experience-science based technology and programs proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security.

Expand your awareness and see how your body responds to well-being design oriented spaces with health benefits.  In 2019 we are expecting more standing desks, color psychology, meditation areas, and productivity focus zones at home and in commercial and corporate spaces.